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Sept 2021

I am thankful for the quality and valuable information that Mama Wade presented on Check n' with Mama Wade. I was made more aware of my Vitamin D and what kind of Vitamin D was best for me. Thank You Mama Wade!

Althea Pollard

Sept 2021

Following Mama Wade and Better Health Better Me is helping me to make better choices. I love sugar but with words of encouragement and prayer I am slowly getting on track. I need to get my A1C, Blood Pressure and Cholesterol numbers down. I started walking more will add light cardio. I am a six year breast cancer �� survivor. Thank you Mama Wade and everyone in this group. We can do this!


Les Daley

Sept 2021

I am so proud, and thankful to God for Mamma Jolinda Wade and the Better Health Better Me movement. To see how far Pastor Jolinda has come in not only her spiritual journey, but also her health and wellness journey to where she is now is amazing. She is truly a living, breathing testimony that with God and a renewing of spirit, mind and body, all things are possible. Happy to join you and all the Mamma Wade Better Health Better Me gang on this our new journey. Continued blessings.


Pasky Joseph

Sept 2021

Thank you Mama Wade. Better health better me has helped me tremendously emotionally and physically. We are gifted we life and we need to do our best to live this God's given privilege and treat our bodies and mind God's temple right. It is not easy we fall but must get up and keep moving . When you feel good everything else falls into place not that life will always be great better but our responses are better when we fall. Thank you for being transparent with us praying with us .We are going to be ok. This is a movement keep moving fam we are IN and winning.. Thanks Mama Wade. God bless our movement family .


Sept 2021

I thoroughly enjoy the Better Health Better Me Movement. This journey has not been easy, it forced me to look at my overall health and to get honest with myself. Due to the awesome information, wisdom and advice of Pastor Wade, I have made the following lifestyle changes including but not limited to the following: I take Vitamin D3 vitamin's daily, I eat salads for breakfast on occasion, I am up to 8 to 10 glasses of water daily, I've become more aware of portion control, I'm becoming more active with completing simply exercise's, I recently scheduled an annual exam and actually took notes and finally, I wore my better health better me t-shirt to physical therapy and had an awesome conversation about the movement and the steps that I'm taking from the "Information Gather" I'm not where I should be but, I'm not were I use to be. Thank you, Pastor Wade

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